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The definition of grid hosting is that it is a service which would let you have the grid computing capabilities. The term grid computing is nothing but the use of multiple computers acting as servers and trying to solve a problem. However, the problem should require the access to a huge computing cycle. Thus in short, grid hosting combines computers from various administrative domains for achieving a common goal.

Grid hosting is also regarded as an effective alternative to shared web hosting. In a grid hosting the grid is composed of a string of computers connected to a network and this type of hosting the total work is distributed within multiple servers. This load sharing technique reduces the pressure over one system and thus it is used for this purpose.

The basic usage of grid hosting is that when a website on a grid host becomes popular it can have access to more computer resources and there is no limit to that. Free web hosting Also in grid hosting you would find that there are commodity hardware which are assigned to do specific jobs, like some are used to serve email, some provide web services and so on. Also the load due to web traffic never creates problems since the load is always distributed evenly among the grid members.

In grid web hosting you can also implement a combination of different applications without having any conflict with any other applications which are running. Due to the interlinking of the resources in grid hosting the servers which get more popularity get support from those servers which are not having any work.

Another notable point about the usage of grid hosting is that when a new server is installed in this web hosting there is no problem with the other servers work and therefore there is no downtime problems in the websites that are hosted on the other servers.