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duck Cam-1: Duks


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bunniesCam-3: Bunnies


Have you ever seen chick born from egg!Look here!

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Become part of the nature, dip yourself in feelings ever tried, rediscover your origins!

IlMioNido (my nest) is an italian educational and didactic virtual farm made to teach how a farm live and grow to childrens and kids.

Our peculiarity is to show you pets, other animals and mountain scenery with LIVE webcam.

On our farm you can see brooding hen that make born chicks by eggs, or bunnies to born and feed from his mother.

All of this in real time, LIVE!

Newspaper of the Nest 

Currently in the nest we have three Web Cam that transmits the life of some small friends: 

Cam-1 There are four beautiful samples of Mandarin Duck, at the beginning they were a little afraid, now they seems to be better, we realized them a new habitat with a small little pond where they can refresh their feathers.  

Cam-2 Is the cam of the brooding, we have lived together the beautiful experience to see, so many now, brooding that they have brooded at first the eggs and then fondly grown their chicks been born in direct. Among a few days we will have a new brooding, of it meantime you can admire three chicks just grown.

Cam-3 Is the cam of the bunnies, has seen here also to be born in directed the mother bunnies  that at first the nest is prepared and then she has given birth to six bunnies that she has nursed then. Now, waiting for to have a new mother bunnies  , we have three small and restless bunnies to follow in their growth and in their hopping. 


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